3/4 Ton Astro Package Inventory

This is my basic ¾ ton load – comprehensive, fast moving and great for interviews and B-roll.
Download a detailed inventory PDF here

Item Description
4x4 Set 2 4x4 floppys, 4 open frames with diffusion, 2 pieces 4x4 w/b foamcore
6x6 frame and rag set one 6x6 frame and: one solid, one silk, one double, one griffolyn. I have more options so please ask and you will receive.
Gelly roll and Gels one assorted gelly roll and one diffusion gelly roll. Also - rolls of 216, 250, opal, cto, ctb, green and magenta. I have what you need so ask if you don’t see it here
2x3 flag set in rolling box 5 2x3 solids, 2 2x3 nets, 1 2x3 single, 2 2x3 silks, 4 2x3 open frames with dif or cucoloris, 2 18x24 solids, 2 18x24 doubles, 1 18x24 single, 2 18x24 silk, 3 cucoloris 18x24 frames.
sand bags 12 sand bags on board
Stinger Crate One crate of assorted 25 and 50 foot stingers - approximately 300 feet total. Yes I can add a crate if needed.
Light stands box 2 triple baby stands - aluminum 4 triple steel, 4 ks kit stands, 4 misc baby short stands
C-stands 6 c-stands on board. I can load maximum of 8 in this van
Duvatene crate One crate assorted duvatene pieces on board.
Set crate camera wedges, ratchet straps, trickline, rope shorts, 2 dimmers, silicone spray, c-47s, tennis balls, cubetaps, bailing wire, monofilament, etc
Rigging crate Assorted baby rigging - including cardellinis, mafers, 5/8 rods, baby 90s, bar clamps, etc
Lighting As ordered, see our Lighting Inventory page