2.5 Ton Truck Package Inventory

16 foot extended 2.5 ton all on wheels, with 6 foot lift gate.
Download a detailed inventory PDF here

Item Description
4x4 Cart 6 4x4 flops, 6 open frames with diffusion, cucoloris, double net, mylar frame, 2 shiny boards, showcard assortment, beadboard, cut foamcore, 4 42x42 flops, 4 42x42 open dif frames
Electric cart with junior stands 12 crates for lighting, 4 junior stands, 4 combo stands 1 combo premi, box of extra kino tubes, 6 frames 36x36 open, top shelf for larger chimeras.
Electric cart with baby stands 6 crates for lighting, large bottom shelf for larger cases, front guide for fatman or skinnyman kinos
Taco cart 4 crates for rigging, stingers, set crate and duvatene, 8 c-stands, 6 shotbags, 3 stage flag box on front, menace arm
Duz all Grip 4 sets of apple boxes, 4 crates of rigging, 8x8 and 12x12 corners and ears, 1.5 inch speedrail sleaves and corners for 20x20 set, 2 crates of 6x6 rags, 1 crate dolly wedges
4 crates stingers 25 and 50 foot mix
crate assorted globes 213s, various wattages, practicals
crate assorted tools saw, hatchet, squeegee, sprayer, shovel, broom, sledge hammer
crate for platys and plates 6 quacker clamps, 6 baby plates
four 15 foot rubber floor matting on rolls cable covers
4x8 goods slot Description
speedrail on board three 16 footers, six 10 footers, two 8 footers, two 6 footers, six four footers
dolly track slot One 4 footer and two 8 footers with two standard curve tracks available.
Ladders 4’, 6’, 8’ 10’ (or 12’) ladders on board